STANDARD SIZE: 60″ x 35″ (150 x 90 cm)
USUALLY SHIPS : 24/48 Hours

This flag is professionally screen printed UAT at 300 ° F. It resists sun and rain with UV filter – 100% Du Pont Nylon – especially knitted. It has two cords to attach, and can be used as a wall tapestry, pole flag or for proudly exhibition. Printed with high quality thermic inks to guarantee lifetime durability.

History of Russian Flag

Introduced 1699, re-adopted August 22, 1991

The Russian civil ensign was personally designed by Peter the Great, Czar of Russia, in 1699 and became the national flag of Russia on May 7, 1883.  In 1918, it was replaced by a red flag with the golden initials RSFSR in the upper hoist.  Since 1990, the white-blue-red three color has been used in great numbers by pro-democracy.  The colors are as follows:   White stands for God, Red for the people and blue is for Czar.

Formal Name
Russian Federation

Local Name

Local Formal Name
Rossiyskaya Federatsiya

Location: Europe/Asia

Status: UN Country

Capital City: Moscow (Moskva)

Main Cities: St. Petersburg, Gorkiy, Yekaterinburg

Population: 149,476,000   Area []: 17,075,000

Currency: 1 ruble = 100 kopeks

Main Languages: Russian

Main Religions: Russian Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist