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How We Print

Only-flags offers an array of different stock flag styles to choose from including flags for sports, nationalism, automobile, and advertising purposes. In addition to our stock flag products, we also supply customized flags. These 100% customizable flags offer customers a blank canvas to feature artwork, designs, logos and more! Custom flags are an excellent way to advertise your artwork, business, or unique message to passing traffic and prospective customers.

All flags are printed using dye sublimation. This printing technique produces high-quality results that are fade-resistant and safe for outdoor display. Although we produce our stock printed flags in house, our custom flags are printed by our strategic partner, Vispronet.com. Vispronet has an excellent reputation for high-quality custom flag printing and has the ability to produce large volume orders of personalized flags within a short time frame.

Flag Finishes

Did you know there are different methods to finish a flag? Only-flags offers multiple finishing styles so you can choose the best option for your display application. Flag finishes include header and grommets, pole sleeves, and hemming on all four sides of the flag.

Header and Grommets

This finishing style is best for flags that will be showcased using an outdoor flagpole. Header canvas and grommets are installed to add extra security when attaching the flag to the pole using a rope or cable. This finishing style is especially useful for avoiding any tearing of the flag material and for keeping the flag secured to the pole during windy or stormy weather conditions.

Pole Sleeves

Pole sleeves are a great option for displaying flags in low wind areas. Pole sleeves are typically used when flagpoles are mounted to the front of homes or businesses, displaying the flag horizontally with a 6ft flagpole. Pole sleeves are also a popular choice for exhibitors taking their flagpoles on the go for events like parades, protests, and ceremonies.

Hemmed On All Sides

If you would like your flag finished without grommets or a pole sleeve, we offer an option for hemming the flag on all four sides. Flags that are hemmed on all sides are not able to by hung from a pole, and are typically displayed on a wall, in a flag frame, or hung from a ceiling.