Standard Size: 60 X 30 Inches ( 150 X 75 CM )
Custom Sizes Available
Usually Ships : 24/48 Hours

Best Resistance to Damaging Ultraviolet Radiation
Longest Lasting Nylon Flag Material
Provides the Brightest Colors For A Great Appearance
Best Flyability
100% Du Pont Nylon
Screen Printed
Two Cords to Attach
Lifetime Durability Guaranteed
Can be used as a wall tapestry, pole flag or for proudly exhibition


Kawasaki has often followed an independent racing path. Against the odds, Kawasaki persevered with tow-stroke triples during the 1970s, and pioneered a successful two-stroke tandem-twin. Dave Simmonds’s 125cc World Championship in 1969 provided the impetus for Kawasaki to engage in more serious road racing. As a result, Kawasaki produced some of the most exciting and charismatic racing machines ever in the H1-R, H2-R and KR750.Later its world-beating KR250 and 350 won a multitude of World Championships. At the same time Kawasaki won countess Endurance and Superbike championships with its four-cylinder four-strokes. These continue through until the present day and remain a force in World Superbike. Here is the story of Kawasaki’s spectacular two- and four-stroke road racers, and the men who rode them.