Standard Size: 60 X 35 Inches ( 150 X 90 CM )
Custom Sizes Available
Usually Ships : A Week

Best Resistance to Damaging Ultraviolet Radiation
Longest Lasting Nylon Flag Material
Provides the Brightest Colors For A Great Appearance
Best Flyability
100% Du Pont Nylon
Screen Printed
Two Cords to Attach
Lifetime Durability Guaranteed
Can be used as a wall tapestry, pole flag or for proudly exhibition


“Ducati exceeds the demands of even the most fanatical enthusiasts and riders…”On the track, Ducati has amassed a string of World Superbike Championships unprecedented in the history of motorcycle racing. For the road, Ducati offers a range of the most highly sophisticated and sought-after bikes ever created.
Throughout more than fifty years of superior engineering, competition testing and cutting-edge Italian design, Ducati has built an enduring motorcycle legacy. From the fastest sport bikes to the meanest Monsters, Ducati exceeds the demands of even the most fanatical of enthusiasts and riders. The marque of champions – Lucchinelli, Polen, Roche, Corser and Fogarty – is the motorcycle you’ve been dreaming of.