STANDARD SIZE: 60″ x 35″ (150 x 90 cm)
 24/48 Hours

This flag is professionally screen printed UAT at 300 ° F. It resists sun and rain with UV filter – 100% Du Pont Nylon – especially knitted. It has two cords to attach, and can be used as a wall tapestry, pole flag or for proudly exhibition. Printed with high quality thermic inks to guarantee lifetime durability.

History of Argentine Flag

The pro Argentina independence movement initiated the use of the white and blue cockade on the 18th of February of 1812.  Nine days later a flag of these colors was adopted.  The blue and white symbolizes the skies and the Andes.  The sun was added in 1818 is the “Sol de Mayo”, the Argentina national symbol.

Adopted Feb. 25, 1818

Formal Name
Argentine Republic

Local Name

Local Formal Name
República Argentina

Location: South America

Status: UN Country

Capital City: Buenos Aires

Main Cities: Córdoba, Rosario, Mendoza, Mar del Plata

Argentina Population: 33,875,000   Area []: 2,766,890

Currency: 1 peso

Main Languages: Spanish

Main Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant